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The Inter-enterprise Union of Corporate Employees (ZZPK) is a group of free people aware of their rights, respecting themselves and respecting others.

We are a completely independent organization, not a franchise of another trade union.

We are marching TOGETHER to the goal of improving our existence in the companies where we are employed.
We help each other because from the experience of years of work we know that no one else will help us.
We are here because we do not agree with the organizational culture prevailing in corporations.
We want to restore respect for the ordinary worker.
We do not agree to the level of our salaries, terms of employment, the inability to evaluate our superiors or sweeping inconvenient matters “under the rug”.
We do not agree to any form of discrimination, mobbing or lack of respect for employees, regardless of their position.
We want people guilty of losing court cases or violations indicated by the National Labor Inspectorate to suffer consequences.
We want the optimistic news delivered by management boards at videoconferences to be reflected also in OUR wallets.


In accordance with the rules of the GDPR, we do not disclose the data of union members to the employer, but we will tell you about the plans or actions that the corporation is planning for you before the decision that will be made against you.
The organization is in the process of being created (Netia, Sodexo) so there will be a place for everyone who wants to join and see changes.
All employees of corporations in Poland can join us, regardless of the type of employment contract, also from other corporations.
Contact us if you have any ideas, you can’t get through with proposals that can help in the development of your company, you see irregularities, waste or distortions.

We will take care of it immediately.