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Join us:
We invite all employees of corporations in Poland to join our union. If there is already a Trade Union of Corporate Employees in your workplace - all you have to do is fill in the  membership declaration and deliver it to the representative of our Union. By a resolution of the inter-enterprise committee, you will be admitted to the group of ZZPK members. If there is no registered ZZPK in your workplace, please contact our representative, discuss how to set up a union and join. In accordance with the GDPR, we do not disclose the data of union members to the employer, each member individually pays a contribution to the union's account, in the amount determined by the resolution.
Contributions: The membership fee is PLN 10/month. (PLN 14/month including CDO24).
Bank account number: PKOBP: 39 1020 2498 0000 8102 0713 3053